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Sales Grow for Audi in August

In August, Audi saw tremendous growth as the company had a sales increase of 2.9%.


With 132,350 models sold for the month, the automaker has noticed higher customer demand in China, the U.K., and Spain.


In the U.S. alone, Audi sold a total of 19,264 vehicles during August, an increase of 2.5%, despite the influx of other luxury brand competitors.

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The Newly Redesigned Audi TT Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Do you remember the first time you saw a car that made you think to yourself ‘I want that when I grow up’. We sure do, and we think we just got that feeling again! This time though, we have that car, and we want to share that feeling and that car with all of our customers in Memphis and the surrounding areas of Germantown, Tn, Collierville, and Southaven MS, by introducing you to the 2016 Audi TT.


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Audi Sets High Standards with Its Car Service

Audi engineers work tirelessly to craft premiere models; leading in their respective classes with great style, refined amenities, innovative technologies and spirited performance. However, its models aren’t the only thing premium about the brand. Instead, Audi strives to incorporate quality into every facet of its business model, including car servicing.

 Because Audi genuinely cares for its drivers, it keeps high standards when it comes to car service, so much so that it was recently recognized by the J.D. Power 2016 Customer Service Index.


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Audi A4 is the Upgrade You Deserve

Daily-life technology is constantly changing, becoming more advanced and more helpful, and the same is true for the technology inside our vehicles. If you’d upgrade your smartphone, tablet, or computer when it becomes outdated, then you owe it to yourself to upgrade the technology in your vehicle, too. The all-new Audi A4 is the upgrade you didn’t know you were missing.


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It's Not the Yeti, It's the Audi Q7

Though you'll be forgiven for your confusion. Powerful, mysterious and able to handle the snow, the new 2017 Audi Q7 is a winter warrior with plenty of luxury and high-end materials to go along with it. See the new Q7 in action in a brutal winter and then come over to our Memphis, TN Audi dealership today for a quick test drive. Watch this video first by pressing the play button.

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Audi Offers a Unique Way of Accessing Information

The race for the best tech in cars is a heated one, but we here at our Memphis, TN Audi dealership have good reason to believe our favorite brand is leading the charge. All you need to look at for an example is the MMI touch system in the new 2016 Audi TT, a car that's so much more than a mobile innovation center. Check it out, then head on over to our dealership today and take a quick test drive in the new TT. Pinch, zoom, write, scroll, all in the same place. #AudiTT MMI with handwriting recog…
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Audi and the Avengers are Superheroes

This summer, one of the biggest movies everyone here in Memphis, TN wants to see is Avengers: Age of Ultron. It's going to be a big hit, and we're going to be watching for the adventure, but also the cars, because Audi is going to be a star in the film, too.

In the video/trailer of sorts, we get to see Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow fight off Ultron, and then there…

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Audi Encourages You to Always Challenge Authority

Who ever made it to the top by playing it safe?  In today's automotive industry, pushing the envelope is the name of the game.  For over 100 years, Audi has been at the forefront when it comes to challenging the rules and taking the next plunge.  Check out one kid's take on Audi's innovative spirit in the clip below.


He seems to have the right idea.  Just like the rebels of the…

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Audi A3 Has Impactful Safety

The Audi A3 is quite the popular ride, for various reasons. On the surface, it has a lot to do with style, performance, and luxury, and with the A3 you have all of that, and the unique options that come with new Audi vehicle, but there's one other thing that sets it apart: safety.

The Audi A3 was one of the only vehicles in its class to earn both an IIHS Top Safety Pick…

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The Race to Autonomous Cars Now Led by Audi

There seems to be an ongoing cultural fascination with self-driving and autonomous cars. From their roots in science fiction stories, self-driving cars are becoming more and more of a reality. Just recently, German automaker Audi showcased their autonomous RS7 not in some enclosed test facility, but rather out in the open, under the eyes of many, on the Hockenheim Ring racetrack. At full race speed the RS7 handles everything incredibly well, but what is most…

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