The 2020 Audi A4 is an attractive compact car filled with impressive designs and luxury. This car uses the latest design features to make it stand out while cruising down the freeway. All your friends and co-workers won't believe what the LED lighting is capable of.

The headlights on this vehicle provide the Audi a signature look. LED headlights with Matrix-design provide animation at the beginning and end of your trip. These headlights will illuminate the road to help you see almost everything around you. The taillights will illuminate in sequence when unlocked and animate to say goodbye. The powered sunroof will let you enjoy a sky-view and some fresh air while driving around town or on the highway. This sunroof offers UV protection and is equipped with a manual sunshade.

With the sleek design and exceptional lighting, what are you waiting for? Come out, and take on for a test drive today.


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