The Audi S4's damping system works strategically with four available drive modes. When you operate an S4, you'll quickly notice how its damping components provide benefits on the road.

Audi's damping system has adaptive technology and sports-tuned hardware. This means that it has optimized characteristics, which provide high performance perks. For example, when you steer the S4 around curves, its damping suspension hardware will enhance handling, and as you drive the S4 over bumps, its suspension springs will boost comfort by reducing shock. The big benefit is that the Audi S4 never slows down dramatically when it encounters obstacles and hazards because it has great sport capabilities.

Audi Memphis has the Audi S4 in stock, and it's available for a test drive. A quick test drive session is a smart way to experience how the Audi S4's damping system operates. We arrange short cruises for Audi fans at our dealership in Memphis.



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