Electric Power at Your Fingertips with the Audi e-tron: Let's Check Out its Battery

We care about our consumers at Audi Memphis and want to keep them informed about our models. The e-tron is the first completely electric SUV that's manufactured by Audi and comes with an efficient and powerful battery.

The 95-kWh lithium-ion battery is compatible with home chargers and high-voltage public DC fast chargers. The designers at Audi strategically placed in battery in the passenger compartment. This gives the vehicle a low center of gravity for enhanced safety. There is also a honeycomb structure underneath the battery that provides you with exceptional safety in the event of an accident.

The battery has a 150-kW charging capability and can be 80 percent charged in less than an hour. The battery features liquid cooling technology that helps it maintain its 150-kW charging capability, and it ensures that the battery stays at optimal temperatures. It also offers an EPA of 204 miles.



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