Worry About Your Vehicle Less With the myAudi App

If you ever worry about your car when you leave it in a parking lot, you're not alone. You might wonder if you remembered to lock the doors or turn off the dome lights. You might also worry that you won't remember where you parked it in a large parking lot. Thankfully, there's an app that comes with Audis called myAudi, which will help you feel more comfortable that you have exactly what you need to feel more comfortable about the status of your vehicle.

This app can tell you how much fuel is in your tank, if the lights are on, and if the windows are down. With this information, you'll know if you need to pick up gasoline on your way home, and you'll be able to lock your doors before someone breaks into your vehicle.

And if you've ever lost your vehicle, you'll love the feature that pulls up a map that shows you exactly where your car is located.



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