Why Use Windshield Washer Fluid

Your vehicle's windshield can be considered the first line of defense between you and whatever strikes it. What do you think would happen if it wasn’t there to catch bugs, mud, snow and other flying objects? However, it can accumulate a lot of stuff which makes it difficult to see through. This is where your windshield washer system comes in handy.

Keeping your car's windshield washer system in great working order and ready to respond on command is the least you can do to keep you and your family safe on the road. Nevertheless, filling it with water is not good enough and here is why:

• Windshield washer fluid is specifically formulated with detergents and solvents to help break up the remains of dead bugs and grime so that it can be wiped away.
• Washer fluid has a lower freezing point than water.

Audi Memphis wishes you a safe and happy driving experience that is free of obstructions on your windshield.
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