Tips for Safe Driving This Holiday Season

Are you driving to your family home or a get-together event this holiday season? To help you get prepared for your epic journey, we at Audi Memphis offer you some tips to help you navigate safely to your holiday destination.

Lay out your route beforehand. Mapping the course will help you know the appropriate time to leave, thus avoiding heavy traffic. During most holidays, mornings are the best time to drive. Ensure your car undergoes an up-to-date, extensive servicing and inspection before embarking on the long drive. You should have emergency contact information for assistance during incidents. We also recommend that you ensure all your cargo items, especially any expensive personal items, are kept safe and locked away when not in your possession. It is important to have a good night’s sleep before traveling, and you’ll certainly want to take some breaks during the journey to rest.

Be sure to prepare for your holiday in advance by following our straightforward tips. Audi Memphis wishes you a happy holiday season!

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