Driving With Your Holiday Dinner Contribution

Protect your vehicle and food from becoming one big mess this bright, busy, and wonderful holiday season. The easiest, and cheapest, way to transport food to holiday events is a box and towels. This will also insulate the package by keeping your hot foods hot or your cold foods cold. How is this accomplished?

First, seal the food in containers with lids or cling wrap. Then place a towel in the bottom of a sturdy box. Next, arrange the containers of food in the box. Surround the containers with towels (newspapers work well also) to stabilize and insulate the food. They will also absorb any spills that do happen, keeping them from ruining your car's interior. Add one final towel to cover the container. Tape the box closed to keep everything secure. Finally, place the box on a flat surface. The trunk or floor will work the best.

All of us here at Audi Memphis wish you a safe, happy holiday season.

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