Know Your Common Tire Tread Patterns

Tire tread is critical to any driver’s safety. While there are numerous tire brands and makes, manufacturers design tires that will dispel water and grip the road. They also design tires to help enable a smooth ride.

1. Symmetrical tires have the same pattern and continuous grooves over the entire tire. This is a common type, and one you’ll find on cars that are not high-performance. These tires are easily rotated to prolong their life.

2. Asymmetrical tires are most common to sports cars. Thread patterns vary but are designed to grip dry and wet roads. The inside of the tire handles wet roads and the outside handles cornering.

Knowing what type of tires your vehicle takes, or if its tread depth is deep enough, might be a little challenging for some. If so, we invite you to bring your vehicle down to our dealership and let us fit you up with the right tires. We can also repair any vehicle problems.
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